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Monday, February 27, 2012

Serious updating from way back when...

In April of 2010 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary...
San Fransisco style.

Our first day there Chris surprised me with a Segway tour around San Fran. I wasn't aware that I ever wanted to do that. :) It was kind of scary, those things have a mind of their own, but it was super fun.

Plus, who could pass up those sweet outfits, not us!

Watch out, here I come!

Chris is just too smooth.

We visited Chinatown. We had to get some pictures for Ryleigh since she was obsessed with China back then. Chris is throwing out gangsta signs for Ry. For some reason she started doing that for awhile.

The Chinese Library.

Our ferry ride to dinner across the bay.

We walked up that hill. We walked/hiked EVERYWHERE! I think we only took a taxi twice the entire weekend. I have never been so exhausted.

We rented bikes.

Stopped and ate lunch on the beach...

Then, biked across the golden gate bridge.
It was an amazing day.

A night out on the town.

We partook in the Alcatraz tour...

Chris listening intently to the audio tour.

The grounds of Alcatraz with San Fran in the background.

We took the train into Oakland and went to a ball game.

It's Chris' life long dream to visit every ball park in the country. We have several marked off.

I was super sick this day so it was perfect to just sit and not do a thing. The weather was perfect.

Here we are faking a trolley ride.
We didn't want to wait in the outrageous line. So, we quickly hopped on an empty trolley while it was stopped for a moment and took a quick picture.

What a great way to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss.

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Brett Blaser said...

Looks like a fun trip! Can't wait to go on the next one with you :)