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Monday, July 2, 2012

New York 2010

I hate the new blogger and can't figure it out.  Sorry for the crazy placement of everything. 

In December of 2010 Chris and I decided to take a trip to New York. I've always wanted to experience New York at Christmas... 

Holy cow!!! This AZ girl does NOT like the cold.  I don't think I have ever been so cold in my entire life. My AZ "winter" coat doesn't hold a candle to the crisp New York air.  I have now experienced NY at Christmas and once was enough for this chick.

As grateful as I am for getting the opportunity to take this trip with my handsomeness I could really go for a "do-over".  It might possibly have been one of the least enjoyable trips we have had.  I was about 6 weeks pregnant and absolutely MISERABLE! 
I couldn't breathe without becoming nauseous.
I was beyond exhausted - not good when you are walking all over the city for 4 days.
I was cranky.
I didn't want to do anything but lay in bed - I didn't but I really wanted to.
Not a good combination for a vacation with your husband.

Central Park

We opted out of the carriage ride around central park.

Spider Man was very entertaining.


 It was impossible to get the whole thing in the shot.

Only WE can enjoy ice cream in 30 degree weather.  Ice cream always makes me happy.

We happened upon the premier for the Tourist and saw several celebrities... I was so cold and having trouble with my camera.
Johnny Depp - Yes, I was this close to him.  

Regis & Joy Philbin

Brad & Angelina 

                                                                        FAO Schwartz
  Remember the movie Big?

Window displays.

We attended The Late Show.  Ray Ramano was a guest.  We sat 4th row.

Waiting outside Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli Sandwich - $25!

 Little Italy for dinner.
Time Square @ Night

Ice Skating - We only watched. Still trying to convince Chris to give it a try.

A subway ride.

Cirque De Solei creatures.

 We stayed next to the Empire State Building.

                                                       Waiting to see In The Heights
                                                                    Great show.

Grand Central Station
Museum of Natural History


St. Patrick's Cathedral

  • One morning we woke up at 5am and headed to NBC studios to be some of the first ones in line to get tickets for SNL. They suggest lining up at 7am.  Apparently, you need to line up around 4am, at least! We managed to get tickets and were to go back later that night for the show in hopes of getting in - no guarantees. We stood in line for hours and were even offered $200 for our tickets to get a better chance of getting in.  I felt too guilty and wouldn't do it - what if they paid us and still didn't get in! Well, to make a long story short we missed getting in by 2 people! Darn those P Diddy entourage girls that walked in last minute.  We almost had it!

  •   Took the train out to Rhode Island to visit Chris' cousin, Rob and his family.
  •  Lets not forget the scary cab rides!

In spite of my pregnancy woes...

 We had a nice time and can't wait to visit again.  In warmer weather of course!

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